Purejoy @home facial Anti aging kit with Dermal Roller


Missing your professional  treatments we have researched the market and have come up with a home facial kit.

The PUREJOY @home facial WITH a Dermal Roller, contains everything you need to do two full facial and a .25mm Derma Roller to ensure enhanced  product penetration and stimulate collagen production.

What’s in the kit:

One three in one cleanser sample which contains two applications. A Bio wipe to exfoliate the skin that can be used twice. Five treatment ampules to massage into your skin…one for each facial and three to maintain results. Two algae peel off masks for anti aging skin.

This Kit is ideal for anti ageing, tight, dehydrated or concerned with fine lines.

Please note Dermal rollers should not be used if you are pregnant, have metal allergy or suffer from an auto immune disorder.


Benefits to using the Dermal Roller .25mm

Helps to restore the firmness, plumpness to help with preventing early stages of aging

Helps to speed up the reduction of the uneven skin tone and colour

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and scars

Helps the effectiveness and penetration of your active ingredients