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IMAGE Ormedic Lift - €75 (no pre-treating necesary) 


This non-chemical peel is a great starting point for someone looking for a great boost to their skin or even someone who wants to try a peel but wants to start with something mild. This fruit enzyme peel is so gentle that it is perfect for a sensitive skin or for a woman during pregnancy. The beauty of this peel is that no pre-treating your skin is necessary, so you can have it whenever you want without prior planning.

Your therapist will complete a consultation to ensure that this is the best treatment choice for you based on what your desired results are. Your room will be lit with candles and soothing music will be playing when your therapist leads you through to get comfortable on the treatment bed. Your therapist will prepare your skin with a double cleanse before the peel is applied. This organic based treat naturally exfoliates the skin with fruit enzymes of papaya, pineapple and pumpkin with a mango infused blend of organic and medically effective ingredients designed to rejuvenate and refresh tired, stressed and dull-looking skin. You may feel some mild tingling while the peel is on the skin but this will be very mild and totally comfortable. A hydrating mask is applied once the peel has been removed that contains organic Japanese green tea and will leave your skin incredibly hydrated. Your therapist will complete your treatment using serums and moisturiser to leave skin vibrant, refreshed and glowing!

What’s amazing is, you could treat yourself to this fantastic facial treatment during your lunch hour if you are based near us in Galway City Centre! Your therapist can apply tinted moisturiser or foundation as part of your after care leaving you ready to return to the office straight afterwards!

IMAGE Skincare Signature FaceLift – €75 (4 Layer Peel)

We aim to brighten, tighten and lighten with this revolutionary treatment! This four layer facelift will leave your skin rejuvenated and revitalised! This is a fantastic step up for someone who has had experienced regular facial treatments but is looking for something more

Once you arrive our therapist will guide you into your relaxing treatment room where she will complete a double cleanse and prepare your skin before beginning the layering of the treatment. The four layers consist of a peel containing high doses of the most sophisticated forms of Vitamin C and enzymes, layered with masks high in glycolic acid and enzymes. There may be tingling during the treatment but this will be totally comfortable. Your therapist will use cool water to remove the peel which feels lovely and soothing to reduce the tingling sensation. Serums and aftercare are then applied leaving you glowing and refreshed before your therapist will discuss your homecare.

IMAGE Skincare Lightening Lift – €85 (Course of 4 €255 Save €85)

Pigmentation can be very ageing on the skin and give the appearance that we are older than we are! Typically though it is a hard one to treat and demands the latest advances in skincare and the best products to deliver results!

Image Skincare Lightening Lift is an ultra-lightening treatment to give you the best results we can! After arrived your therapist will guide you into your treatment room. Your skin will be cleansed and prepared by your therapist before the treatment peel is applied. The peel contains a blend of lactic and kojic acids to brighten along with chamomile to reduce inflammation and vitamin C. You will experience some tingling while the peel works but it only remains on the skin for two minutes. Your therapist will remove the product with cool water which is wonderfully soothing and follow this with a brightening and hydrating mask. Serums and aftercare will leave your skin smooth, hydrated and glowing. Your therapist will then talk you through your homecare.

This is also a fantastic anti-ageing treatment or for someone who is used to facial treatments but is looking for something more now! To treat pigmentation a course 4 is recommended two weeks apart!

Home care kit is given for 5 to 7 days which is included after every peel.

IMAGE Skincare Wrinkle Lift - €85 (Course of 4 €255 Save €85)

Sometimes we all need a little more and this is where Image Wrinkle Lift is here for you! If ageing skin and fine lines and wrinkles are your top concern, this is where only the most advanced treatment will do. Image Skincare Wrinkle Lift aims to leave skin smoother, firmer and healthier!

Leave Galway City Centre at the door and take this opportunity to relax and unwind in Purejoy.  Your therapist meets you to guide you to your treatment room. You can then get comfortable in the surrounds of your treatment room before your therapist gets to work to refresh and renew your skin. A deep cleanse will be performed and your skin prepared before the peel is applied. Your therapist will use a super resurfacing peel that combines glycolic acid and retinol to actively reduce the appearance of fine lines. As you would expect, you will feel some tingling on the skin as this peel gets to work but this is tolerable and only remains on for two minutes. The peel will be removed by your therapist with cool water which is fantastically soothing. A hydrating and brightening mask is applied before your treatment is completed with the application of serums and aftercare. Your skin is left visibly smooth with a healthy glow!

Course of 4 is recommended with two weeks apart. Home care kit is given for 5 to 7 days which is included after Wrinkle/Lighting/Acne peels.

IMAGE Acne Lift - €85 (Course of 4 €255 Save €85)

A consultation and pre-treatment must be completed prior to this treatment. We want to give you the best facial treatment we can so a consultation helps us chose the right treatment for you. Image is a cosmeceutical product, so therefore pre-treating is a must so your skin adapts to a higher level of products! Anyone can have a complimentary consultation to discuss your treatment options, so call us at 091 530540 to book your consultation. The best thing about our Galway City Centre location is that we are centrally located just off Shop Street and with our extensive opening hours we are sure you will find a time that suits you!

Image Acne Lift – €85 (Course of 4 €255 Save €85)

Image Acne Lift is a fantastic treatment for people suffering the frustration of adult acne or persistent breakouts and congestion! This peel works deep into your skin ensuring it delivers results!

We want this to be a relaxing experience for you so once your therapist takes your through to your treatment room get changed into a comfortable  robe. Your therapist will cleanse and prepare your skin before the peel which contains salicylic and glycolic acids for ultimate resurfacing as well as chamomile which is brilliant for reducing inflammation in the skin! This will stay on for two minutes and you will feel some heat in the skin but this is completely bearable for the two minutes! Your therapist will remove the peel with cool sponges which feel amazing for reducing the bit of heat you can feel in the skin before a hydrating and refreshing mask is applied. Your therapist will follow this with serums and chosen aftercare to leave your skin revitalised.

This fantastic resurfacing treatment has the dual benefit that it not only reduces and treats all types of acne while also resurfacing and smoothing the skin after just one treatment.

A course of 4 is recommended for ultimate results, with two weeks apart. Home care kit is given for 5 to 7 days which is included after every peel.